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Good Shepherd

Anglican Church – Longview, TX

We gather on the second Sunday of the month at a church member's home in order to spend time with each other. Our lunches involve everyone bringing sides to match the theme of the meal. We go to our lunch right after church and spend time getting to know one another.

God designed His Church to be a deep and enriching fellowship, not just a community. The fellowship God asks from us is deeper than superficial connections. It is the type of fellowship that helps us multiply joys and divide griefs.  Life is tough - we need more than our own grit and determination to make it in life, we need each other. 

Come nurture true fellowship with us at Good Shepherd Anglican Church Longview, TX. To find out more about our Fellowship Lunches, call our office at 903-309-3426 or fill out our contact form and someone will contact you soon.